Saturday, December 10, 2011

Home Remedies To Cure Eye Infection

Eyes are the most sensitive organ of one's body and there are several elements in the environment which can affect the eyes. People who uses contact lenses are prone to get this kind of infection. Most effective causes to get eye infection are viral and bacterial infections. In some cases, foreign objects like grime and dust can also enter into the eye and can cause infection.

Some of the most common infections in the eyes: The most common infections include conjunctivitis, stye, blepharitis, orbital cellulitis, keratitis and dacryocutus.

Symptoms of eye infections:

The common symptoms of eye infections are:
  • Redness in the eyes
  • Irritation and pain in the eyes
  • Green, yellow discharge
  • Watery eyes
  • Blurred vision
  • Photo phobia
  • Constant itching and swelling
There are several home remedies around us, which can cure the eye infections. These home remedies include:
  • Hot compress/ hot tea bag- These are very effective method for people who are affected with stye. Use hot compresses with the help of cloths dipped in hot water. Another thing you can do is soak a tea bag in the warm water, then place the bag on the stye for few minutes. The tanic acid of the tea bag will help to shrink the stye. Eye bag is also very effective if you have burning sensation in your eyes.
  • Mixture of turmeric powder and water- To get cured of eye infections, you can mix a tablespoon of turmeric in two cups of water and make an eye drop. Use it three times everyday to get rid of the swelling eyes.
  • Use acacia leaves- Boil some acacia leaves in two cups of water for 5 minutes. Use the solution to compress on your eyelids and in the swelling parts.
  • Use eyebright herb- Use one tablespoon of dried eyebright herb and steep it in some amount of boiled water. Keep it for cooling. Later use this solution as a eyewash.
  • Use alovera juice- Alovera has the power to reduce sensation and pain. Soak alovera juice in a piece of cotton or cloth and place it on the swelling part of your eyes. You can also use alovera juice as a eyewash to get rid of the pain, swelling or burning sensation.

Apart from these, you can also use guava leaves, coriander seeds boiled in one cup of water, warm compress by lavender, chamomile or rose oil, or cold bread. All of these are effective solutions to cure eye infection.


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